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Sleep Position Plays a Powerful Role

Side-sleeping can eliminate or reduce the severity of sleep disorders. Side-sleeping counteracts gravity to keep the airway open and clear.

slumberBUMP helps patients sleep comfortably on their side and immediately reduces their AHI.

Alternative To CPAP

For patients looking for other options, slumberBUMP offers an affordable and simple alternative. It's $79, quiet, and lightweight.

New research shows positional therapy is similar in effectiveness and has better adherence than CPAP .

A Few Facts About Positional Sleep Therapy 


• US Adult Population: 232 million 

• US Adults who snore: 80 million


• The vast majority of mild-moderate snorers are positional based...they only snore on their backs.


• 34.5% of people that walk through your door have negatively affected their own or their partners quality of life with their snoring.


• 80% Patient Compliance with positional therapy devices 

• 30% Patient compliance with CPAP devices.

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